Hessle Audio co-founder Kevin McAuley (a.k.a. Pangaea) has shared a stream of his debut full-length album, In Drum Play, in advance of its October 14 release.

The press release details the album’s ten tracks as “crafted around sharpened motifs that burrow simultaneously into mind and body, they rank among his headiest and most forceful music to date.”

McAuley has been at the forefront of a freewheeling UK techno sound since his debut 12″ in 2007, and In Drum Play is likely to further cement his experimentalist reputation.


01. Mutual Exchange
02. Rotor Soap
03. Bulb In Zinc
04. More Is More To Burn
05. Scaled Wing
06. One by One
07. Lofty Can
08. Send It In
09. Skips Desk
10. DNS

Ahead of its October 14 release, you can stream the LP in full below.