Now two releases deep, fresh London imprint Planetary Notions is prepping to drop its third 12″, Lovers Fall.

Steeped in UK soundsystem culture, Planetary Notions’ releases are aimed squarely at the floor. Big rolling basslines, razor-sharp percussion, and trippy synths feature prominently, from a cast of rising producers—most of which are debuting. Aside from releasing music, Planetary Notions is also an intimate, bi-monthly party in London based around quality resident DJs and, like its label arm, the party has already built a loyal following.

Out now, Lovers Fall features cuts from Stellar Wind and DSC, two debuting artists who drop “Search The Skies” and “Lovers Fall,” respectively. As you’ll hear in the player below, both tracks present a different side to the label: “Search The Skies” is a warped, off-kilter cut, with “Lovers Fall” a more straightforward, but nonetheless effective, groover.

You can order the release over at Decks.