AtomTM_Audio_Archive have announced plans to release an exclusive live set from AtomTM and Tobias which was recorded on December 10 2014 in Berlin.

AtomTM & Tobias have been performing live improvised electronic music sets since 1991. The now mythical Elektroniikkaa – Live in Helsinki and Montreux recording (released in 1992 on Rising High and Ongaku Music), was one of the first live releases in techno history. That recording was the starting point for a long series of live performances and releases, which has taken us to the AtomTM & Tobias – Extended Live Set, Berlin 10/12/2014. The extended live set presents an extended, improvised set played at Panorama Bar last December, and will be the first new and unreleased production on the platform since the label’s focus has been AtomTM’s vast back catalogue.

The release will only be available digitally, and is available as a single WAV file from the AtomTM_Audio_Archive site, or as five separate one-hour mp3s from iTunes.

Ahead of the recording’s November 11 release, snippets of the five one-hour segments can be streamed below. The full WAV file can be downloaded from here. 

01. AtomTM & Tobias, Extended Live (Excerpt 1)
02. AtomTM & Tobias, Extended Live (Excerpt 2)
03. AtomTM & Tobias, Extended Live (Excerpt 3)
04. AtomTM & Tobias, Extended Live (Excerpt 4)
05. AtomTM & Tobias, Extended Live (Excerpt 5)