Rødhåd will soon release his long-awaited debut LP, Anxious, via Dystopian.

Rødhåd, real name Mike Bierbach, is the spearhead of a generation of techno producers and DJs. Growing up in Berlin’s rougher outskirts, as a teenager he was able to grasp the final flashings of Berlin’s mythical nightlife of the 1990s at legendary places Casino and Ostgut. In the late 2000s, the Dystopian crew began their own series of parties and then the label with two seminal releases by Rødhåd, 1984 and Blindness. Since then, he’s released several more EPs and moved to a more ambient sound.

Anxious sees the artist further “step away from the dancefloor and further develop the narrative qualities of his beautiful soundscapes,” the label explains. It was the natural next step to present the sound he began cultivating with his recent EPs Kinder der Ringwelt and Söhne der Erde as a full-length LP. The experience the album is trying to convey is being thrown into a world that is “ready to crush you,” the label adds. “They have you with your back to the wall, and you are ready to give way to despair.Will you be able fight back? How is it even possible?”


01. Unleash
02.Withheld Walk
03. Escape
04. Brief Respite
05. Awash
06. Glimmer Of Light
07.Target Line (feat.Vril)
08. Burst
09. Left Behind
10. Cast A Shadow

Anxious LP is scheduled for October 20 release, with a full stream exclusively available below.