Samuel Rohrer, the multi-faceted forward-thinking percussionist and producer behind the arjunamusic label, the AMBIQ trio, and a wealth of other musical projects, will soon release a new LP, entitled Range of Regularity, as a double vinyl set.

The LP is constructed almost entirely upon electronically-treated recordings of acoustic instrumentation, with a bare minimum of synthesizer voicing. The press release describes it as one of “ultra-modern improvisational music,” revealing Rohrer’s well known “percussion-driven” musical techniques.

The album will be followed by two remix EPs, including remixes by Ricardo Villalobos, Vilod, and Burnt Friedman.


01. Microcosmoism
02. Lenina
03. Nimbus
04. Sunclue
05. War on Consciousness
06. Uncertain Grace

Ahead of its April 21 release via arjunamusic, the album is exclusively streamable in full below, and will be available here.