It took the members of Silverclub a few short months to progress from their first gig to being one of the U.K.’s most-watched up-and-coming acts. The release of their first single, “Crash This Car,” won’t hurt the Manchester/London-based trio’s reputation either. Set to drop November 3 on Leftroom Records, the track’s a dizzying trip through heavy synth territory. Think big noise for a big dancefloor.

Naturally, a couple remixes were bound to appear with the original cut. The first comes in-house, courtesy of Leftroom’s Matt Tolfrey and Marc Ashken. It’s considerably darker than the original, but not so dark as doom-techno master Jimmy Edgar’s version, also packaged with the single. Take a listen to the original below.

“Crash This Car”
“Crash This Car”
“Crash This Car (T.A.S.H. Remix)”
“Crash This Car (Jimmy Edgar Remix)”

Stream: “Crash This Car”