Polish composer and violinist Stefan Wesolowski will drop his sophomore full-length album, Rite of the End, tomorrow on Ici d’ailleurs‘ Mind Travel Series.

The haunting new work follows his recent score to the BAFTA-nominated and Oscar-shortlisted Marlon Brando docu-film ‘Listen To Me Marlon’ and his 2015 album Kompleta. The album began life as a commission from Ici D’Ailleurs founder Stéphane Grégoire, who asked Wesolowski to write a piece for an exhibition by the acclaimed photographer Francis Meslet. Not long after Wesolowski began composing, his creative juices flowing considerably, it became obvious there was enough material to warrant a new full-length album, at which point the exhibition was postponed and the record took full focus.

Sitting loosely alongside the work of artists such as Vatican Shadow, Popul Vuh, Set Fire To Flames, Sun O))), and F**k Buttons, Rite of the End is an awe-inspiring collection of music that soars through dread, sorrow, joy, and everything emotion in between. This is an album that demands and deserves the listener’s undivided attention—this is a stunning and poignant inward journey guided by the deft hand of Wesolowski.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, you can pre-order the album here, with a full stream available via the player below.