It’s hard to get much more OG than Chicago’s RP Boo—the footwork/juke producer credited with essentially inventing the style with his 1997 single “Baby Come On,” which placed an Ol’ Dirty Bastard sample over juke’s now-trademark syncopated rhythms. At last beginning to get his due, RP Boo’s debut full-length, Legacy, is set to drop via Planet Mu on May 13, but before then, can be heard in full on XLR8R. The album is a manic, 160-bpm ride with classic house and more-recent hip-hop and R&B samples flipped and sped up over rapid-fire beats. RP Boo’s Legacy can be streamed in full below. NYC residents will be happy to note that RP Boo will be making his New York debut this Saturday at 285 Kent for the Lit City/Fade to Mind party, the details of which can be found here.