Earlier this year, formerly anonymous producer DIVA revealed himself to be Matt Didemus (a.k.a. half of Canadian outfit Junior Boys) at the same time that he announced the launching of a new label by the name of Obsession. Now, the imprint’s debut release has officially landed in the form of a four-track compilation featuring a new DIVA production along with new work from fellow Canadian Iron Galaxy and others, all of which can now be streamed in full.

Simply entitled Obsession Recordings 001, the four-track affair focuses on dense and guttural dance music, with DIVA’s “Judas” and Yør’s “Vertigo” reaching to more space-minded atmospheres, while Primitive World’s “Of Vapor and Light” offers abstract sonics alongside Iron Galaxy’s and Sexlife’s deep-reaching collaboration “Climate.” Out now, the debut EP from Didemus’ Obsession label is available to hear in its entirety below.