If you’ve heard Jackmaster play in the last few months, then chances are you’ll have heard a so-far unreleased nugget that blends a jaw-droppingly powerful and charismatic female vocal into a simple-but-effective brew of discordant piano notes, rolling subs, space echo, and clicking drums. Until now the identity of the track’s producer has been something of a secret, but the Numbers label has today revealed it to be none other than Adesse Versions. The Glasgow label will duly release Adesse Versions’ “Pride” on a 12″ of the same name on March 31, and ahead of that the label has shared a full stream of the record’s title track, which can be found below along with the upcoming record’s complete tracklist.

Adesse Versions, and presumably a rather prominent airing for “Pride”, can also be heard on Numbers’ home turf of Glasgow this Saturday when he guests at the Notsosilent party (which—in the interest of full disclosure—we should point out is partially run by XLR8R contributor Ray Philp) at La Cheetah.

1. Pride
2. First Time
3. Pride (Dub)