Building on the success of the debut LP from Killawatt earlier in the year, Osiris Music has assigned three artists to rework three standout tracks from the album.

Having risen through the ranks of dubstep and UK bass music at an early age, Portsmouth-based producer Killawatt has established himself as a well respected and forward thinking artist within electronic music.


A1 – Killawatt: ‘ZiZi (Tommy Four Seven Version)
A2 – Killawatt: ‘Spinal Swarm (Eomac Version)
B1 – Killawatt: ‘Excessive Hyperbole (Mønic Version)
B2 – Mønic: ‘Untitled Textures (Bonus Track)

I advance of the EP’s October 26 release, XLR8R spoke with Killawatt (a.k.a.Matthew Watt) and Mønic (a.k.a. Simon Shreeve) to learn more about release, while the Mønic remix is available to stream in full below.

Matt, the new release émigré reworked, revisits cuts from your debut album émigré which was released in April this year. In the aftermath of the album, can you provide us with some thoughts on having released your first full length as well as on the album itself?

Having had a few months to reflect on LP, my initial, and somewhat surprising thought is that I actually quite like it. This is weird for me since I pretty much never end up really liking something I release. I think I was in a pretty good place creatively and I distinctly remember really enjoying the 18 months it took to finish it. As was said in the press release, there was no specific concept or storyline behind it, and it basically just became an exercise in experimentation with a bunch of new bits of hardware and software I acquired over the duration.

The new release holds three reworks of cuts from émigré by Mønic, Tommy Four Seven and Eomac. How did these artists come into the fold for the other two remixes?

Matt: I started talking to Tommy a while back and he wanted to involve me in his new T47 label / events and just support me in general. I just asked if he’d be up for a remix and he said that he was. It’s great to have something just a bit different from him too—that’s something we always look for on Osiris. it’s pretty trippy! I think Si just hit up Ian about a remix swap at some point too. I’ve been a massive fan of Ian’s work for a long time too so I’m super happy to have him on this release.

Simon, at the point of the formation of Osiris Music uk you were already an established artist. What was the motivation to start your own label?

At the time I felt pigeon-holed musically. I wanted to start a label which I could release any style of music I wanted, it really was an experiment which has lasted ten years. The label has given me complete freedom and has made me think outside of the box in terms of my own music and music we have signed.

What does the future hold for Osiris Music uk, for Mønic and for Killawatt?

Matt: Well I’ve literally just decided, while writing this, that I’m going to start my next album today so that’s the near future sorted for me.

Simon: Mainly keeping things positive and interesting for ourselves which in turn, I hope, will be reflected in the releases. In the short term we have signed a Bristol-based act called Dot Product who have just finished their album which is being mastered this week, which is due for release in March 2016.

In terms of Mønic, I will continue to work closely with Tresor and Osiris Music uk. There is also a collaboration project on the cards but it’s a little to early to speak about.