Reversed is the fourth album from French composer/sound designer Franck Zaragoza and his ever-expressive Ocoeur alias.

“Au coeur” translated into English is simple: “to the heart,” and French composer and sound designer Franck Zaragoza has re-appropriated this expression as Ocoeur. With each release his output has become more personal by interjecting emotions in a way that is neither heavy on melancholy or unpleasantly overwrought, but often reflecting an artful playfulness.

The opening swell and passionate piano that precedes it sets the tone for what could very well be Zaragoza’s most personally ardent set of compositions to date. Over the course of the album, Zaragoza thoughtfully augments his modern solo piano compositions with creative—some might even say organic—sound design and meticulous melancholic string harmonies. Reversed is a truly personal listening experience, meant to be absorbed again and again.

In advance of the album’s March 25 release via CD and limited edition vinyl, it is exclusively available to stream via the player below.