In anticipation for the upcoming Kindisch Showcase in Tulum, Mexico—set to take place on January 10 at Cenote Dos Osos—label mainstays Mia Lucci and Nu (together called MINU) have supplied XLR8R with a special one-hour set, consisting of 22 Kindisch tracks from 20 different artists. The seamless compilation, Kindisch Stories: Beautiful World (MINU Interpretation), features unreleased tunes from Marcelo Cura, Cloud Factory, and Ben Hoo, as well as tracks that go as far back as the label’s founding ten years, including tunes from Acid Pauli, Nu & Raz Ohara (all artists from the Berlin based collective called ‘Feathered Sun‘).

Bringing together the musical efforts of this beloved label, Beautiful World speaks volumes regarding the swelling and alluring nature of the Kindisch collectives’ superb sound, and the mix serves as a unique attempt to capture the mind, body, heart, and soul of Kindisch. Steam the mix in full below.

Both Mia Lucci and Nu are set to play the showcase. where they’ll be joined by a top-tier lineup of global house and techno talent that includes Nico Stojan, Bedouin, YoKoO, Oceanis Orientals, LUM, and the longtime Tulum-dwelling duo Blond:ish.

Tickets to this glorious all-night event are being sold exclusively through XLR8R, so be sure to grab your tickets here.