On June 6, Belgian label Lessizmore will celebrate its 10-year anniversary with Forever Never More, a 23-track compilation featuring artists such as Borrowed Identity, Dave Aju, Clovis, Deadbeat, San Proper, Birdsmakingmachine, MagdaFernando Costantini, amongst many others.

Lessizmore began back in 2005 as a party at legendary Parisian venue Le Triptyque, and has since grown into a worldwide events brand, booking agency, and fully-fledged label with a focus on pushing new and emerging artists and sounds.

For Forever Never More, label founders Jessica Bossuyt and Pierre Noisiez wanted to represent where the label is currently at, sonically speaking. The compilation presents a beautiful collection of club-based tracks that show how wide reaching the label’s sound is, from some of the event series’ earliest guests and newer collaborators alike.

Forever Never More can be pre-ordered here ahead of the June 6 release, with snippets of all 23 tracks available to stream via the player below.