Copenhagen-based producer S.A.M. (a.k.a. Samuel Andre Madsen) will soon release his debut album, titled Dream State Of A Bellmaker, as the eighth release on his own label Delaphine.

Ever since his first EPs in 2007, S.A.M. has become widely known in the club scene for his classic and dubbed-out house cuts. He quickly proliferated into minimal, experimental, and ambient releases while keeping his signature sound in a soulful house niche.

The 66-minute debut presents eight tracks of soothing electronic-acoustic experimentation aimed at “exploring machine music with a human feeling of composition,” according to the label.

Samuel explains, “I set out to experiment with the classic, analog gear used in most techno productions—I wanted to use it to make something humane with nods to my personal interest in jazz but also with more or less direct references to my own personal life. It was a struggle to decide if I revealed too much of myself with this album, or if I should just dare to show a fragile side of me. In the end, I didn’t see a reason to hide from the truth.”


A1 Baby I’m Sorry
A2 Alone In A Crowd
B Out Of Touch
C1 Pour Aisha
C2 Two Hearts In Doubt
D Mirror
E Better To Have Loved
F1 Thank You
F2 Dream State Of A Bellmaker
F3 Big Sur

In advance of the its February 13 release, Dream State Of A Bellmaker is exclusively streamable in full below.