Space Dimension Controller (a.k.a. Jack Hamill) has always been sort of an oddball, an artist whose engaging takes on various permutations of electro and techno has always been counterbalanced by an incredibly bizarre, sci-fi-flavored backstory involving time travel, aliens, lost love, and the destruction of Earth. It’s a convoluted tale, yet the Belfast producer seems intent to continue fleshing it out with each of his records, most notably on 2011’s stellar The Pathway to Tiraquon 6. The saga continues this week with the release of Hamill’s new full-length, Welcome to Mikrosector-50, which drops via R&S and could be classified as positively cinematic in scope. Quite literally playing like a film—the LP even includes bits of character dialogue between tracks—the album also features more of Space Dimension Controller’s distinct takes on ’80s electro-funk, mellow synth-pop, pulsing techno, serene soundscapes, and more. Even with all the variety, Space Dimension Controller shows a skilled hand throughout, making for an album that’s as compelling as it is unique. Welcome to Mikrosector-50 is streaming in full below.