Adrien Doumenge and Lenny Mailleau (together known as Zendid) have released a new EP on Infuse, the London-based imprint of the Fuse collective that we recently profiled.

The French electronic music scene is having quite a renaissance of late, and Toulouse-based Zendid’s debut EP for Infuse, the Understellite EP, is indicative of this movement.

Kicking things off, “Second Way” is a razor sharp blend of groove led house music with a main room sensibility, while title track “Understellite” is quirkier in its approach, its anarchic bassline snaking throughout the track to lend a tripped out edge. “Disco Dance” rounds things off with a heady slice of funk.


1. a1: Second Way
2. b1: Understellite
3. b2: Disco Dance