Johannes Auvinen (a.k.a Tin Man) has a new acid-focused LP on the way.

Dripping Acid is said to be Auvinen’s “most ambitious” project to date, comprised of six 12”s of new acid compositions. While the brittle machine-music of ‘80s Chicago is the blueprint of any acid track, Dripping Acid refrains from revivalism; instead, it “looks forward” as it “harnesses the 303’s psychedelic potential,” according to Global A, the label behind the release.

The album comes following a number of collaborations with artists such as Cassegrain, John Tejada and, most recently, Gunnar Haslam, with whom here released the Valere Aude collaborative album as Romans.

In advance of the its February 7 release, the entie Dripping Acid is streamable full below.


A1 Flooding Acid
B1 Pooling Acid
B2 Dripping Acid
C1 Evaporated Acid
D1 Underwater Acid
D2 Sunken Acid
E1 Undertow Acid
F1 Drenched Acid
F2 Oily Acid
G1 Surfing Acid
H2 Soaking Acid
H3 Oozing Acid
I1 Washing Acid
J1 Diving Acid
K1 Glassy Acid
L1 Percolating Acid
L2 Viscocity Acid