Having previously released music on Mord, No Logo Music and his own imprint South London Analogue Material (S.L.A.M), techno producer Ansome has joined forces with the staunch techno producer Perc and his imprint Perc Traxs to bring you the severe sound of The White Horse. Bitter, turbulent, rambunctious and razor-sharp are the words that come to mind when listening to this new four track EP. While this form of highly aggressive techno is certainly not for everyone, the production value is spot on and it offers up a new take on “the way techno can be presented in a live context.” Elaborate and brimming with a type of energy that is seldom found in music these days, The White Horse, which is set to release on October 26, is a truly unique EP which is bound to further solidify Ansome’s reputation as a cornerstone of the London Techno scene.

You can stream the track “Dave The Rave” below and be sure to check out more sounds from Ansome by visiting his soundcloud here.