Due out June 30, Will Saul‘s upcoming “Pedal Power” b/w “Valhalla” 12″ for his own Aus label is now streaming in full. Following on the heels of Saul’s contribution to !K7’s esteemed DJ-Kicks mix album series (released earlier this week), the new 12″ finds the London resident turning to hardware to craft a pair of percolating house tracks. Said to have been born from live jam sessions, both “Pedal Power” and “Valhalla” come with an adventurous side, their sci-fi and sometimes gritty tones endlessly tweaked through a set of pedals and FX units, but still never allowed to disturb the loose-swung groove Saul places at the productions’ core.

Officially out at the end of this month, both cuts from Will Saul’s “Pedal Power” b/w “Valhalla” 12″ can be heard in their entirety below.