Yair Elazar Glotman‘s latest opus is out today on Subtext Recordings.

Glotman—under his own name and monikers Blessed Initiative and KETEV—explores the outer reaches of the sonic universe, forging new textures and alien-like atmospheres through new processes and meticulous sound design. His latest album, Compound, follows where 2015’s Études left off, presenting two evocative long-form pieces that are at once beautiful, menacing, and poignant. Recorded as a trio with pianist Rieko Okuda and percussionist Marcello Silvio Busato, Compound confounds the listener with a swirling barrage of foreign sounds, sounds drawn from the outer edges of familiar instruments and the microscopic details often overlooked (think the pluck of a string or the clunk of a piano key). The recordings were then layered and reformulated by Glotman into the two full pieces on the album.

In support of today’s release, Glotman and Subtext have offered up a full stream of the album, available via the player below.

You can purchase Compound release here.