Lucy‘s Stroboscopic Artefacts will soon to release Alessandro Adriani‘s Enter the Fire EP.

The four-track EP will be the Mannequin label founder’s debut on Lucy’s imprint, and it was probably only a matter of time until the two joined up since both are heavily invested in taking electronic music listeners outside of their comfort zone and into a world of unpredictable outcomes.

The release is also the first evidence of a new mutation in the Stroboscopic DNA, as can be seen by a shift in Ignazio Mortellaro’s design work for the label: it is in keeping with the previous horticultural theme of the records, but now features directly scanned objects—in this case, a single leaf features on the cover).

We’re told to expect a similar “hard-edged, aerodynamic style” that Adriani has perfected over the years.


A1 / He Who Harnesses The Soul
A2 / Rituals (707 EBM Version)
B1 / Rituals (Original 808 Version)
B2 / Astronomy

Enter The Fire EP is scheduled for November 3 release, with “He Who Harnesses The Soul” streaming in full below.