With Urban Outfitters’ design teams replicating Slayer shirts and Etnies’ Altamant fashion division releasing a Jimi Hendrix artwork series, there’s no denying the ever-growing, and usually ridiculous, “I’m down with vintage rock” fashion trend that’s been surfacing over the past few years. Fortunately, the New York-based line Mishka is giving the proverbial middle finger to the imposters with its Rasputin shirt, based on the almighty (and fictional?) band of the same name.

Featuring artwork from the legendary Derek Riggs, the artist behind Iron Maiden’s Eddie, Mishka’s limited edition Rasputin tee is no non-sense hessian gold. There is, of course, a rad zombi-esque Raputin character on the front, with a full backprint (complete with blood red pentagrams) for your inner metalhead. Part of the company’s New Wave Cinema line, Rasputin may be the start of a new tee movement. What’s next–commissioned tees from Motorhead’s artist Joe Patagno? We can only hope so.