NYC label Styles Upon Styles will release the debut full-length from Gut Nose in September. Following the release of the Vicetopia 12″ for the label in June, the largely anonymous producer’s debut full-length is said to “encapsulate urban blight through two seamless sides of seething dystopian malaise.” Titled Filthy City, the record will be presented as two continuous sides, with the LP’s first half focusing on dusty and refracted beatwork, while its second half offers 29 minutes of gritty dancefloor productions. Furthermore, Filthy City‘s a-side is said to be the result of a single-take performance, while its b-side is the result of a live mix of original productions by Gut Nose.

Described as a record that “mutates hip-hop genetics and club chromosomes into a heaving parasite,” no audio previews have surfaced for Filthy City, which will serve as the first full-length record to appear in the Styles Upon Styles label’s catalog when it drops on September 9. For now, the forthcoming record’s artwork can be seen above, and its full trackist has been included below.

A Side:
01 Dreams & Visions
02 The Unknown Allure
03 Teflon God
04 Oblique Collusion
05 New Medieval Times
06 Morality Exodus
B Side:
07 Weeknight Shuttle Bus
08 Hoax Pattern
09 Unseen Force Manipulators
10 Zone Elsewhere
11 Corrosive