Last November, Styles Upon Styles released Chapel Master, the four-track debut from Diamond Terrifier Cipher.

Essentially a supergroup, Diamond Terrifier Cipher joins NYC artist Sam Hillmer’s Diamond Terrifier project with the Cipher, a band comprising Michael Beharie on guitar, synths, and effects; Cibo Matto co-founder Miho Hatori on vocals; and studio wizard and guitarist Don Devore of Collapsing Scenery. For their debut, the band present a collection of music that defies categorization, combining elements of free jazz with drone, punk, and bass music.

Alongside the four originals, NYC’s PTP crew also provide four warped deconstructions from Jackie, Dis Fig, Celestial Trax, and Geng, bringing the originals into mind-bending territories as a vinyl exclusive.

In support of the release, Styles Upon Styles have shared a full stream of Jackie’s deep and hypnotic remix of the EP’s title track, available via the player below. You can pick up the EP here.