“Cycle” is the first single shared from Su Na’s forthcoming EP, Coral Angel.

The six-track EP will drop December 1 via Brooklyn label Color Station, presenting a stunning collection of cuts from Minneapolis-based DJ and musician Alec Ness. Ness, although born with amputated fingers, utilizes several keyboard-based instruments and synthesizers in his productions, touching on ambient, UK garage, hip-hop, and house in the process.

The new single, a floating, beat-driven synth jam, was crafted at a highly creative point in Ness’ life and looks to his relationship with anxiety, as he explains:

“When I wrote this song I was in a place where I felt very driven to create, I was making ideas daily. My focus with creating was giving every piece its own unique character and personality. I think in “Cycle,” a lot of personal struggle was unearthed. Mostly this interjected doubt concerning my own voice and a complicated relationship with anxiety and control.”

Ahead of the release on December 1, you can pre-order Coral Angelhere, with the new single streaming in full below.