Before Subeena had a single to her name on Planet Mu, was featured in our Bubblin’ section, or began running the Opit imprint, the UK-based producer co-headed the now-defunct Imminent (originally Immigrant until a later name change) label alongside fellow producer Dot. Now that these recordings are largely sold out and/or impossible to find, Subeena is releasing a collection of nine tracks from her Imminent past as well as two unreleased tracks on an album entitled 23 (her age when most of these songs were originally released back in 2008). The collection of tunes finds Subeena crafting more dubstep-leaning productions, but also serves as a starting point to map her eventual progression to the current genre-hopping productions she’s been steadily releasing ever since. 23 will be released next week. You can check the artwork and tracklist below.

1. 2080
2. Circular
3. Znare (feat. Violet)
4. Dereflex
5. Call It Anger
6. System Message
7. Boksd
8. Pepepe – Agosto Morado (Subeena Remix)
9. Circular (The Bulgarian Remix)

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