ReSolute/Dialogue event in Los Angeles

XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free passes to the upcoming ReSolute and Dialogue event in Los Angeles. The party takes place on February 23 with Rhadoo and Halo Varga both playing extended sets.

As one of the key figures to come out of the Romanian minimal house and techno scene, Rhadoo needs little introduction. His [a:rpia:r] imprint has produced some of the most sought after records in these realms. He’s one of those artists who impresses not just with his selections but by making new combinations out of those recordings, finding beauty by blending two and often three tracks together. He’s best when given an extended set time, so this is sure to be good. 

Halo Varga has been releasing music since 1999, and is one of electronic music’s unsung heroes.

As a token of appreciation for the support, we are offering current subscribers of XLR8R+ and those who sign up before the event a limited amount of free guestlist passes.

For those who haven’t yet, SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name, subscription confirmation page, and “Dialogue x ReSolute” as the subject line to to claim your event pass. For those current subscribers, simply email your full name and “Dialogue x ReSolute” as the subject. 

Due to limited availability, passes will be offered on a strictly first-come, first served basis. Subscribers are eligible for one pass only. 

You can find more information on XLR8Rplus, the offer, and the event below. The eighth and current edition of XLR8R+ is here, with subscription details here


 Offer ends 10 p.m. PDT, Saturday, March 9.