XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free passes to the upcoming edition of UP Festival, taking place in Prague from Saturday, July 13 to Monday, July 15, 2019.

Last year’s inaugural edition of UP was a great success, and it returns next month with a number of new names. On the bill are Andrew James Gustav, Archie Hamilton, Bruno Curtis, Cristi Cons B2B DeWalta, Dana Ruh, Jessica Diaz, John Dimas, K.O.D. (Cabanne & Lowris), Lamache, Maayan Nidam (live), Marcel Dettmann, Margaret Dygas, Ricardo Villalobos, Sam Bangura, Sonja Moonear, Zendid, and more. 

Beginning on Wednesday, July 10, the festival will host a seminar on electronic music, followed on Thursday, July 11 with a Boiler Room session. The next day, on Friday, July 12, there will be a chill-out session at Vnitroblock, a creative space for designers.  

The actual festival begins on Saturday, July 13. XLR8R will be hosting a stage during the day alongside UP Festival, and in the evening the Komiks stage will be open. Closing on Sunday, the UP Festival stage and XLR8R will both host a little matinée programme, after which there will be an after-party, details to come soon.  

This year’s edition is themed around Harmony in Nature, and the stages will be located in a forest where art will be celebrated as the main component. 

We’ve partnered with UP to offer subscribers of XLR8R+ a limited amount of free guestlist passes to the event. The face value of tickets is €50, so this is an offer not to be missed. 

For those who haven’t yet, SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name, subscription confirmation page, and “UP Festival” to xlr8r.plus@xlr8r.com to claim your free event pass. For those current subscribers, simply email your full name and “UP Festival.”

The 12th edition of XLR8R+ is here, a Dutch special curated by Tom Trago and featuring tracks from Deniro, Tracey, and Darling. Listen to the snippets below.

UP Festival lineup