SW. has released an album.

Stefan Wust (a.k.a. SW.), co-founder of SUED alongside Sven Rieger (a.k.a. SVN), has taken care of the label’s first ever full-length release. Sued 15 appeared in Hard Wax’s online store earlier today, where it is billed as a house and techno release with “echoes of Detroit Hitek Funk & Soul & UK ’broken beat’ vibes.”

It arrives at the end of a year in which the imprint has also put out two various artist EPs, featuring SVN, Dynamo Dreesen, Fett Burger, PG Sounds, and A Made Up Sound.

Sued 15 is out now. Listen to clips and buy it at Hard Wax.


A1. Untitled
A2. Untitled
B1. Untitled
B2. Untitled
B3. Untitled
C1. Untitled
C2. Untitled
C3. Untitled
D1. Untitled
D2. Untitled
D3. Untitled