Philadelphia-based synth experimentalist Bee Mask (a.k.a. Chris Madak) has announced a new imprint meant solely for issuing remixes of his own material, and will kick things off with a 12″ featuring Surgeon and Abdulla Rashim. Jumping off the success of Donato Dozzy’s LP of remixes for his “Vaporware” track, Madak has established his Pear Growers’ Series label as a self-described “vanity imprint in the classically ornery tradition.” For Pear Growers Series 01, Surgeon has remixed Madak’s “Story of Keys and Locks,” transforming it into a hypnotically digressive techno track, and Swedish DJ/producer Abdulla Rashim retools the spectral and searing “Unripe Pears” for the b-side. Bee Mask’s remix 12″ is set to be released on December 3. (via Juno Plus)