With a new single for Token on the way, longstanding UK techno artist Surgeon has announced plans to revisit and remaster a batch of old material for the upcoming SRX release series. The collection of “early, rare, and unreleased works” will be presented in six volumes and will cover material produced between 1994 and 1996, some of which was previously released with less-than-flattering mastering jobs. As Surgeon explains on his blog, “While searching through old DAT tapes I was shocked to find how clear and dynamic many of my early tracks sounded, not the way I remembered them from the vinyl releases.” He continues, “Those early tracks… were mastered and cut by people who had no understanding of electronic music. I actually remember cutting a dubplate back then and being asked if my track was ‘supposed to sound like that?’ The engineer was so disgusted at my music that once the cut started he left the room until it was finished.”

Now, in an effort to present those works as he originally intended them, Surgeon will launch the SRX series on September 15, with the re-release of his four-track, self-titled Surgeon EP. In the months to follow, the UK artist will also release newly remastered versions of three other EPs from that period, along with a collection of “Rare Tracks” and “Unreleased Tracks” made between 1995 and 1996.

The full list of planned reissues in Surgeon’s SRX series (which will be available in both vinyl and digital formats) can be found below, where the tracklist for the upcoming Surgeon EP has also been included; the producer’s full blog post on the forthcoming project can be read here. (via Resident Advisor)

SRX001 – Surgeon EP (2014 Remaster)
SRX002 – Pet 2000 (2014 Remaster)
SRX003 – Communications (2014 Remaster)
SRX004 – Dynamic Tension EP (2014 Remaster)
SRX005 – Rare Tracks 95-96 (2014 Remaster)
SRX006 – Unreleased Tracks 95-96

Surgeon EP
A1 Magneze
A2 Move
B1 Atol
B2 Argon