Photo: Cathrin Queins

Tresor Records will release Crash Recoil, a new album by Surgeon, born Anthony Child.

Crash Recoil is Child’s first album in five years, following 2018’s Luminosity Device. It stems from a period in which he felt uncertainty in his role as a techno producer and found it tough to feel inspired.

This album encounters him drawing on spontaneous techniques from his live sets, which enabled him to capture the spontaneous energy of his shows in a way he had never done before.

“This is not a live album, since it has not been recorded in one go during a live performance. In the same way that bands tour songs before going into the studio to record an album, I was able to explore these songs and hone their effectiveness during my live performances before creating a studio version.”

The result is eight tracks that emphasise a “new techno sound” for Surgeon, we’re told, drawing in references from across the musical spectrum. “I can hear Coil, King Tubby, Detroit techno, and The Cure all wrapped up with 30 years of DJing,” Surgeon says of the album.

Surgeon has been at the forefront of UK techno since 1992, releasing albums on Tresor, his own Dynamic Tension Records, and more. Last year, he put out The Golden Sea on Ilian Tape. Over the course of his career, the Birmingham, England resident has become known for his tough techno sound with an industrial murk, but also plenty of funk, swing, and a sophisticated sense of dub-space.


01. Oak Bank
02. Second Magnitude Stars
03. Metal Pig
04. We laugh and clap at the circus
05. Leadership Contest
06. Masks & Archetypes
07. Subcultures
08. Hope Not Hate

Crash Recoil LP is scheduled for March 17 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Crash Recoil” in full below and pre-order here.