Anthony Child (a.k.a Surgeon) will release a new album, Luminosity Device, this coming May.

Since the 1990s, Anthony Child has established himself as one of the most consistent and pivotal electronic music producers. His releases have made him not only a key contributor to the legacies of touchstone labels Tresor and Downwards, but also a prized collaborator; his British Murder Boys duo with Regis has capitalized on both producers’ natural intensity to great effect. Outside of techno, the work published under his own name has also shown Child to have a masterful knowledge of the intimate qualities of drone and atmospheric sound.

Surgeon’s new full-length, Luminosity Device, takes “Bardo Thödol”—the Tibetan Book of the Dead—as a starting point. It is intended as a deeply personal, bold confrontation of death and loss, and intends to show how immersive creative practices can build the resilience necessary to understand the death process as just another “intermediate state” in a continuum of eternal transition.

It’s Child’s first album under the Surgeon moniker since 2016’s From Farthest Known Objects.

In late spring / early summer, Surgeon will present an album tour with a brand new live show.


01. Seven Peaceful Deities
02. The Primary Clear Light
03. Courage To Face Up To
04. earth-sinking-into-water
05. Master Of All Visible Shapes
06. The Vibratory Waves of External Unity
07. Eight Wrathful Deities
08. The Etheric Body
09. The Source

Luminosity Device LP will land on May 25 via Dynamic Tension, with “The Primary Clear Light” streaming in full below.