Parisian party starter Benoit Heitz (a.k.a. Surkin) has a couple releases coming down the pipeline via his Marble imprint before the year’s end, a three-track 12″ and his debut long-player. The “Ultra Light” single (pictured above) will be available, along with two versions of non-album cut “Orbital Motorway” on the flip, on September 30, followed by the producer’s 16-track USA LP, on October 26. Before either records drop, you can check out the tracklist for Surkin’s debut album below.

1. Let’s Ride
2. Lose Yourself (ft. Ann Saunderson)
3. Love Shot
4. I.N.Y.N
5. Fireworks Hotmix
6. Silver Island
7. White Knight Two
8. Rock It
9. Harry (ft. Bobmo)
10. Never Let Go (ft. Kevin Irving)
11. Fan Out
12. Gold Island
13. Ultra Light
14. Quattro (ft. Bobmo)
15. Silver Springs Anthem
16. UK Morning