French house producer Surkin is preparing to release an EP via his own Marble imprint, a record of new mixes of “Lose Yourself” by Rustie and Brodinski. The original track is ripped from the USA LP that Surkin dropped last fall, and features vocals from Ann Saunderson (who has worked with the likes of Inner City and Octave One). Surkin also has a full-on remix album of that LP—called USA Club Mixes and featuring contributions from L-Vis & Bok Bok, Canblaster, Das Glow, Para One, and A-Trak, among others—in the works for release next month. The Lose Yourself EP hits retailers on April 2, but you can check out its artwork and tracklist before then, below.

1. Lose Yourself (Radio Mix)
2. Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix)
3. Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix)
4. INYN (Live Mix)
5. Lose Yourself (A Capella)