The Ekster label will soon present the third edition of its EXO series, featuring another double 12″ containing 15 tracks.

Antwerp-based Ekster is the label of graphic designer Victor and producer Roman (a.k.a Hiele). Together they’ve launched a sharp and smartly curated imprint that focuses as much on style and substance. Each of their releases lands as a vacuum-packed limited edition with impressive artwork and EXO3 is no different. Contributions this time come from the likes of Suzanne KraftJonny Nash, Gigi Masin, Hiele, Polysick, Elko B., Milan W, and more.

It features a sleeve design by Victor Robyn. Pressings are limited to just 500.


A1. Hiele “Birdwatching”
A2. Polysick “Misolidio”
A3. Rembrandt Redandt “Blankenberge”
A4. Soft Focus “Momentum”
B1. Aloìˆs R. “Twee Beren”
B2. Milan W. “Glaasjes”
B3. Fregnacciarius “Ferragosto”
B4. Elko B. “Verletztes Reh”
B5. Hantrax “Walking With Raven”
C1. Jonny Nash “Head Is Clearer”
C2. Gigi Masin “Starshine”
D1. Suzanne Kraft “Still Sick”
D2. Hiele “Buchla For Sunday”
D3. Componium Ensemble “Kats”
D4. Roger 3000 “Nuptiale”

EXO3 is scheduled for November 28 release, with Suzanne Kraft’s “Still Sick” streaming in full below.