Now going on ten years of making music, Swayzak is back and cleaner than ever. The UK-based dub-tech innovators have taken a gigantic leap from their prior, more dance-focused work, Loops From the Bergerie. Some Other Country travels through blitzes of digital noise and softly attacking kick-thumps–a dark shift when compared to 2004’s super-acclaimed Loops…, or any number of mixes Swayzak has cranked out over the past decade.

The duo’s fifth full-length isn’t driven solely by minimal programming and the haze of electronic glitches, pops, and pads, however. Swayzak has taken a poppier approach to its craft this time around, reintroducing its favorite singer Richard Davis (Kitty-Yo), as well as the outstanding voice of DJ Cassy (Panorama Bar).

Opening with the track “Quiet Life,” the boys come out swinging, with a droning, piano-driven slow-mover that sets the tone for the record (is 5:00 a.m. a tone?). Some Other Country, like the duo’s Fabric mix also travels all over the place. One moment possesses the energy of a thousand drugged-out club kids moving their asses, the next finds the same kids slithering and sweating on the floor from exhaustion. Can techno be more moving? No.

Some Other Country is out August 28, 2007 on !K7

1. Quiet Life
2. So Cheap
3. No Sad Goodbyes
4. Distress and Calling
5. Smile and Receive
6. Claktronic
7. Silent Luv
8. Pukka Bumbles
9. By the Rub of Love
10. They Return