Photo | Diego Castro

Samuel Rohrer will release his new solo album in early February, titled Continual Decentering.

As with Rohrer’s most recent solo work, like the Range of Regularity LP, out in 2017, Continual Decentering showcases the Swiss artist’s skill in turning the drum kit into a lead instrument, meaning everything else within the audible environment exists to complement the character of the percussive playing rather than to stand apart from it. Rohrer recorded it using a unique and complex hybrid system in which drum hits trigger modular synthesizer processes, making for an incredibly fluid response time between distinct sonic events.

In contrast to Range of Regularity, the new album is propelled less by interlacing threads of intensity and more by a shared sense of deep listening. Its tonal palette is one that is expectedly rich for those familiar with Rohrer’s work, yet still surprising in terms of how exactly the differing tonal colors come together. Tracks like “Spondee” and “The Fringe” are brimming with dub pulses, noir shivers, and blooming timbral variations that are, in many places, carefully isolated and, in other places, blended together in vivid fusions.

The album once again arrives on Rohrer’s own Arjunamusic.


A1 / 1. Spondee
A2 / 2. The Bridge
A3 / 3. Fulcrum I
A4 / 4. The I-I
A5 / 5. The Climber
A6 / 6. All Too Human
B1 / 7. The Descenders
B2 / 8. Fulcrum II
B3 / 9. Subterranean Dark
B4 / 10. The Fringe
B5 / 11. All Too Human Var
B6 / 12. Body Of Ignorance
B7 / 13. Plane Waves

Continual Decentering LP lands February 7. Meanwhile, you can stream “The I-I” in full via the player below.