Tangents have released a new music video for “Lake George,” the opening track from their New Bodies LP, out now via Temporary Residence Limited

All shooting for the video occurred at Lake George, a vast stretch of land located between Sydney and Canberra. Once devoid of water, it began to fill in 2016, drastically transforming the location. The video picks up the Sydney band’s theme of meditations on powerful local places. 

For the video, the idea was to present the atmosphere and space of Lake George, reflected in the track. The visual effects are time delays applied as a smooth map across vertical or horizontal lines of pixels. The processing parallels the types of digital warping that happens in the second half of the track. In the music it blurs the boundary between live and manipulated, in the video realm there is nothing really comparable to this kind of musical ambiguity, so the parallel is to apply simple warping and distortions that mirror and augment the movement already there.” — Tangents

Tracklisting, New Bodies

01. Lake George

02. Terracotta

03. Arteries

04. Immersion

05. Gone To Ground

06. Swells Under Tito

07. Oort Cloud

08. Lake George

09. Terracotta

10. Arteries

11. Immersion

12. Gone To Ground

13. Swells Under Tito

14. Oort Cloud

New Bodies LP is out now, with “Lake George” streaming below.