Helmed by LA producer/DJ Kastle, the Symbols label is set to celebrate its two-year anniversary with Parables Volume 2, a 15-track compilation featuring new tracks from regular contributors and friends of the imprint. Incorporating productions from B-Ju, Druid Cloak, and Kline, among others, the upcoming collection will host a variety of electronic hybrids that highlight the diverse sounds the label has ventured into while building its catalog.

In addition to the release of Parables Volume 2 on June 10, Symbols has teamed up with Los Angeles event crew and retailer The Well to throw a show celebrating the label’s two-year anniversary on June 4. More info on the party (which is free with RSVP) can be found here, while the full tracklist for Symbols’ upcoming compilaton can be found below, where “Ebon Guardia,” Druid Cloak‘s hyperactive contribution to the collection, is also available to stream and download.

01 Kline – Anything Can Happen ft. Oshea Adams
02 Principal Dean – Oceans Deep
03 Ivan Jackson – Lights Off
04 Comets We Fall – State Of Mind ft. Novelette
05 Figgy – Hold Me
06 Pat Lok – Could Be Mine ft. Patrick Baker
07 SevnthWonder – Memories
08 Druid Cloak – Ebon Guardia
09 Arapaima – Scorpio
10 B-Ju – Halber Mensch
11 Invention – Kwerk
12 Jonah Baseball – Louisville Slugger
13 Red Milk – See Me ft. Michele Wylen
14 Spitze – Mittens (Oh!)
15 Fei-Fei – This Way To Eden