Label head Sync 24 will kick off a new series with a new EP on Cultivated Electronics.

Launched in 2007, the London-based Cultivated Electronics label has been delivering quality electro and electro-influenced music from the likes of E.R.P, The Hacker, JTC, Marco Bernardi, Scape One, and its own Sync 24 among others. Having recently celebrated a decade with Ten Year Electronics, the label will now start a new series, Split Excursions, with Split Excursions Vol 1.

The release sees Sync 24 team up with rising Berlin-based artist Privacy, with Dublin’s finest DeFeKT rounding out the flip. Together they deliver “a true exercise in bottom heavy computer funk and Drexcian-style adventures,” says the label.


A1. Sync 24 x Privacy “Hard To Tell”
A2. Sync 24 x Privacy “General Data Standard”
B1. DeFeKT “MG1”
B2. DeFeKT “MG2”

Split Excursions Vol 1 EP is scheduled for June release, with “Hard To Tell” streamable in full below.