Manchester’s Joe McBride (a.k.a. Synkro) has just announced the details of a forthcoming album called Acceptance, which will appear early next year via R&S sub-label Apollo. Though McBride has yet to share a preview of his eight-track album, the producer’s recent freebies—like “I Miss You” and his remix of “Rivers” by :papercutz (both of which made it into our Top 100 Downloads of 2012)—seem to represent his latest sound, and what we can expect from the new album. And with a title like Acceptance, we already get the sense that, at the very least, the inspiration behind the tunes came from heavier life experiences than having a wiggle in the club. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Synkro’s upcoming LP before it drops on January 28, below.

1. Acceptance
2. To Be
3. Disappear
4. Recognition
5. Spirals
6. Illuminations
7. Mutual Divide (ft. Indigo)
8. Don’t Want