Few would have guessed the mobile phone company’s next move. After all, they are the wireless provider for Starbucks and used to feature Hollywood celebrities in their TV commercials. We definitely didn’t see T-Mobile producing a DVD called Slices – Pioneers of Electronic Music, with Volume 1 featuring the life and work of techno god Richie Hawtin.

Skeptical, we had a peep and it turns out this is one of the best documentaries about techno to come out in a long time. Drawing on events from Hawtin’s personal and professional life, the DVD spans a twenty-year career and creates a three-dimensional portrait of one of the genre’s icons, with interviews from Hawtin, his parents, Derrick May, Sven Vath, and many others.

Slices – Pioneers of Electronic Music is slated to be a quarterly DVD, and as long as there’s no danger of Volume 2 being about someone like Paul Oakenfold, we’re ready and waiting for its release.