Berlin’s own Marco Haas (a.k.a T.Raumschmiere) will return to Kompakt with a new LP.

T.Raumschmiere made an irreparable impression globally in the ’00s as a sawtoothed, anti-rave radical thanks to his immense stage antics and larger-than-life releases on Novamute. Since then, Haas has established himself as a contemporary with emotive, dark ambient tales on his own imprints Shitkatapult and AlbumLabel.

Kompakt’s love affair with Haas goes back to the imprint’s earliest days. Some of Haas’ first tracks were released on Kompakt in the form of two EP’s entitled Bolzplatz (KOM021 – 2000) and Musick (KOM037 2001). The results set a tidal wave in motion that to this day remains one of Kompakt’s most infamous legacies.

In an off-chance reunion with Haas in his studio, the label learned about what he’d been doing since the “Monstertruckdriver” days. It turned out he’s been busy outside of the mainstream working with the likes of Dieter Meier of Yello, Caspar Brötzmann, Andreas Dorau, Fraktus, Ofrin or Barbara Morgenstern and his recent work with Ulli Bomans (a.k.a Schieres) under the SHRUBBN!! monicker. On the way out, he passed over his 2015 self-titled album, and “it was mutually decided that it’s time for him to return home,” says the label.

On May 10, Kompakt will now release Haas’ New, solo full-length, titled Heimat. According to the label, “it presents another side of his work which was always there, but never got that much airtime: the artist, the author, the composer with the crystal-clear sound.”


01. A1. Zum Monday
02. A2. Jaguar
03. B1. Wacker
04. B2. Stoli
05. C1. Le Fux
06. C2. Juli
07. D1. Amina
08. D2. Zwerg

Heimat is scheduled for May 19 release.