Tadd Mullinix will release a self-titled new album as X-Altera. 

Mullinix is best known for the hip-hop he makes as Dabrye and the acid-tinged house and techno under JTC. 

This latest project, his “most inventive to date,” is born out of a fit of rediscovery during which the Ann Arbor-based producer reconnected with the jungle he produced in the late ’90s as half of Soundmurderer & SK-1, revisited the forgotten B-sides of his drum & bass record collection, and fell back in love with the deep, melodic techno of Detroit and London. 

The 11-track album will land via Ghostly International


01. Compound Extraprotus

02. Check Out The Bass

03. Pasco Richey Tiger

04. Parallel Rites (Kepler-452b)

05. In My Life

06. Impossible

07. Holotyd Neo-Optika

08. Shoreline (Can’t Understand)

09. Entry

10. Passivity Fields

11. Link Stratum Of Archipelagos (Digital Bonus)

X-Altera LP will land on June 15 via Ghostly International, with “Check Out The Bass” streaming in full below.