Next on Project: Mooncircle is Belonging, the second album of
Takeleave, real name Nicolas De Araújo Peixoto.

Belonging is the Berlin multi-instrumentalist’s second album, following 2018’s Inner Sea. Across 10 tracks, he explores the feelings of arrival and homesickness, whereas Inner Sea focused on the journey itself. While it was written in different places, Belonging was completed in the German capital, where the songs evolved from intuitive jams on the instrument.

“This album turned out to sound as intimate and intuitive as it was for me when writing these songs,” De Araújo Peixoto explains. “I feel like I got a little step closer to my own sound over the last year.”

In late December, Project: Mooncircle released Long Arm’s Silent Opera, an attempt to describe the states of the human soul, available now via Bandcamp.


01. The Woods
02. Temple
03. Climbing Trees
04. Breathe
05. Sabado
06. Petrichor
07. Voices
08. Soulfood
09. Lucid
10. Unrest

Belonging LP is out February 28 on limited gold vinyl, including download code, and digital. Meanwhile, pre-order over at Bandcamp, and stream clips below.

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