One of our absolute favorite Vis-Ed artists, Tauba Auerbach, opens her Here and Now/and Nowhere show this Thursday at NYC’s Deitch Projects. Auerbach is known for her inventive twists on typefaces, creating magical new languages from English’s 26 known characters. Here and Now/and Nowhere, however, will feature more than just letter paintings and drawings; Auerbach will also be showcasing three-dimensional crumple paintings and fold paintings, as well as static photographs, and the show’s central piece, Auerglass, a two-person pump-organ collaboration with L.A. singer Glasser, in which the pair will perform songs that Auerbach wrote as a child, as well as Glasser’s own music. The Auerglass performance at 7 p.m. precedes a full-on Glasser show at 8 p.m. Here and Now/and Nowhere runs until October 17.