TC80 has rolled out a new LP, titled Flow

The French producer has long harbored an interest in the more considered side of house and techno music. This is very much evident by the labels he has released on, with Seuil’s Eklo and So Inagawa/DJ Masda’s Cabaret Records among those who’ve already played host to his work.

Flow, his second long player, was released earlier this month through his Bandcamp, and is heavily inspired by a love of ’90s Japanese video game soundtracks. With 10 tracks in total, the album veers between various different soundscapes, with tech, downtempo, and experimental textures all represented. The vibe varies throughout too, with some tracks leaning toward more emotional, nostalgic pastures and others more tailor made for the club. Club-focused tracks such as “Arcade”, “Expansion,” and “Final Stage” are a reminder of the producer’s penchant for dancefloor-orientated numbers, but it’s the likes of “Gaia”, “Child,” and “Last Talk” that showcase a broader, more experimental musical palette.


06.Last Talk
08.Final Stage
09.Mind Theater
10. Cycle

Flow is out now via Bandcamp, with streams available below.