Telephones will release his first full-length later this year with Running Back.

Henning Severud (better known as Telephones) is the Berlin-based Norwegian house producer who has released on the likes of Sex Tags UFO, Love on the Rocks and Full Pupp. He has been quiet since 2014, when he released his last EP—The Ocean Called—via Gerd Janson‘s Running Back imprint.

Later this year, Severud will return to the label with his first full-length album: Vibe Telemetry. According to Running Back, the record was “inspired by the pure feeling of listening to house, disco and techno, prior to knowing what it actually was: ambiguous, euphoric, mystical and melancholic.” It was also takes inspiration from “Norwegian music, it’s scene around the turn of the century and the roots of contemporary disco music, which includes almost everything from NY disco to techno and Mad Mike UR productions.” The resulting 12 tracks promise to pick up where he left off, with more of the same tropical house stylings.

Vibe Telemetry will be available to purchase from October 14. Stream one of its cuts, “147 Stars,” below.


01. 147 Stars
02. Sierra
03. Tripping Beauty
04. Datajungel
05. Highs & Bungalows
06. Sea, Hex & Moon
07. Mezcal Eclipse
08. Expanse
09. Entropik†lia
10. Untitled (The Party)
11. Flow System
12. DTMF